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DTG Digital T-shirt print samples reviews by FLAAR-REPORTS Print E-mail
Wednesday, 19 June 2019 00:34

DTG, Direct to Garment, T-shirt printer potential, reviews and tips

FLAAR Reports together with FLAAR Mesoamerica are initiating long-range project to review T-shirt printers and heat press equipment

Every zoo, every botanical garden, every museum is a great place to focus on. Screen printing is mass-produced. But if you have an inkjet printer you can start at ground level and grow year by year.

We will suggest brand and kind of T-shirt printer. Helping people learn is part of Dr Nicholas’s life. Dr Nicholas (Hellmuth) was Visiting Research Professor of digital technology in Osaka (Japan) circa 1997 and then at at Rollins College and subsequently Brevard Community College. Then at BGSU (Ohio) and UFM (Guatemala) for several years. He was also a visiting research consultant at a university in Malta.

As soon as a printer and heat press arrive at our research and educational facility in Guatemala City, Central America, we will start helping people learn, step-by-step.


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Here is part of the FLAAR Mesoamerica team, including the T-shirt design team of MayanToons, and staff that also coordinate with FLAAR-REPORTS. We are holding the T-shirt print samples printed by DTG Digital in their booth of IMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY and



Here are T-shirt printers in the booth of IMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY, DTG Digital,

An example of quality products is a company we see exhibiting at FESPA in Germany and at Sign Istanbul in Turkey every year. We have also seen this company at trade shows in other countries.

The parent company name is IMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY:

On this home page you can select which kind of printers you wish to consider:

  • DTG Digital, Direct to Garment (T-shirt) printers
  •, textile printers
  • GoTX, also large format textile printing
  • ThermTX, next generation thermal finishing
  • Compress (UV LED-curing and label printers)
  • Headquarters is in Australia, other offices in The Netherlands, factory in Singapore.

    ColDesi is potential source for T-shirt printing equipment

    Their US distributor is ColDesi, in Florida. So we will also be writing a FLAAR-REPORTS about ColDesi. In the meantime, their web site is

    In addition to a T-shirt printer, you also need a heat press. We have been keeping track of all the brands of T-shirt heat presses around the world and will be producing FLAAR-REPORTS on T-shirt heat press brands as well.

    And remember, the same heat press, and the same “T-shirt printer” can also print on bags (I call them logo-bags or bags to publicize a brand or an event, or a concept (such as preserving the rain forests of Guatemala).


    First posted June, 2019

Last Updated on Thursday, 20 June 2019 00:41
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