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Flaar wants their readers to become experts in any aspect of digital media they are interested in. With this goal in mind, FLAAR works hard and travels to wherever necessary to test and evaluate digital imaging equipment, to keep our readers informed of what is going on in the evolving world of digital printing.

For our readers interested in pre-Columbian anthropology of Mesoamerica (archaeology, ethno-botany, ethno-zoology, all our FLAAR Reports on these subjects are possible when donations and corporate sponsorships are available.

Proceeds go towards creating and developing additional reports and conducting more field research for our readers. FLAAR is always willing to do more for our readers, but at times we must be selective because of our funding.

By donating to FLAAR you are contributing to independent non-biased research. This research helps improve understanding for our readers as well as inform the industry as to what customers are seeking in referance to printers, inks, RIP software, printable materials on the market today and in the future. When there are better printers, this means that museums, botanical gardens, and zoological parks can better provide visual graphics to the general public to make it easier to learn more about the artifacts, tropical plants or exotic jungle animals are being exhibited.

The FLAAR Reports are also used by schools, colleges, universities, and museums around the world. Entire dissertations have been written utilizing our material and book publisher keep asking for our photographs.

Help FLAAR to continue to help you. Any donation will be valued and appreciated by our hard working staff.

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