Panoramic picture of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
Textiles, Antigua Guatemala, FLAAR Photo Archive. Photo by Sofia Monzon with the Canon EOS Mark III.


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FLAAR staff includes different people from varying backgrounds. We believe this mix is one factor that makes our institute effective as we monitor the development of digital imaging technology worldwide. All the full-time employees are Guatemalan (logical, since our main office is in Central America). But volunteers tend to come primarily from Europe, either German-speaking or from Eastern Europe or the Balkan area.

managers of FLAAR
Nicholas Hellmuth with two of the FLAAR team of managers: Flor de Maria is the office manager (right). Deyni Medina handles all the airplane, hotel, and travel arrangements for Dr Hellmuth, who this year will travel over 200,000 km for lectures, trade shows, inspecting factories and demo rooms of inks, media/substrates, printers, flatbed cutters, routers, laminating and coating equipment, RIP and color management software and hardware.


FLAAR video production team
Here is the FLAAR video production team, Gustavo Gallegos, Interactive Art Director (right), Camila Morales, Production Assistant and Narrator, and Dr Nicholas Hellmuth. They are working on the first short video: sacred peccaries in 3rd-15th century Mayan art and cosmology.


FLAAR web design team in Guatemala
This is the FLAAR web design team in Guatemala, City. They are in charge of updating and reviewing the more than one thousand pages of our diverse sites with new information and photos obtained from the site visit cases, lectures, trade shows, etc. Our sites provide evaluations to over one million visitors per year.



3d scanners, 3d software
(1) Eduardo Sacayon, Juan Luis Sacayon, and Cindy Contreras are all trained in 3D scanning, as is Dr Nicholas Hellmuth. (2) Camila Morales, a student of archaeology, has been scanning archaeological sculptures and 4th-8th century artifacts in museums for FLAAR in Guatemala for many months. (3) Ievgenia Nemirova is a student of architecture and thus experienced to handle 3D modeling software


FLAAR Reports team, Guatemala
FLAAR Reports are the product of a team of experienced graphic designers and Technical Writers. Here you can see them at work in their research or design environment. In this photo (from left to right) Pablo Martinez, Maria Rene Ayau, Nicholas Hellmuth, Grace Morales and Estefani Escoto.


Since Nicholas has his birthday near Christmas, this is a combined Christmas and Birthday greeting from the FLAAR staff.



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As of December 2014, Dr Nicholas and FLAAR had 1,308 contacts in LinkedIn (and over half a million readers worldwide on the FLAAR network). Wide Format Inkjet printers, inks, trade shows, consulting. Covers digital imaging, wide-format inkjet, inks, printable materials, digital photography, printer and/or signage trade shows around the world. Maya archaeology, iconography, ethnobotany, ethnozoology, caves (Xibalba), ethnohistory (especially Popol Vuh). Mayan studies
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