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FLAAR Reports Tripodhead Report.  Read More →
FLAAR Reports visited Parrot Digigraphic in December 2010, where they inspected the Cruse scanner, the HPDesignjet Z3200ps and the 48 megapixels Betterlight digital scanning back.  Read More →
FLAAR Reports Staff inspecting and evaluating the SKYJET UV FlatMaster printer at Sky Air-Ship Factory in Shenyang, China in 2009.  Read More →
Uv-cured combo flatbed inkjet Dilli Neo Titan large format printer in action at:  SGIA 2008 Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  Read More →
FLAAR Reports at the 3d imaging capturing, rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing conference and exhibition tradeshow.  RAPID 2009.  Read More →
Barbieri Color Management spectophotometer to create output profiles for wide-format inkjet printers, in action at SGIA 2008 Atlanta, Georgia, USA.  Read More →
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